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Stress Less and Be More Productive!


Is stress making you feel like an overloaded fuse ready to blow? Is stress affecting you or your employee’s quality of life in the areas of business, career, health or relationships?


          75-90% of all visits to the doctor are for stress related complaints               or disorders.


          According to the American Institute of Stress: On an average                       workday, an estimated one million workers are absent because of             stress related complaints.






We all have stress, but knowing you can do something about it, empowers you!



Stress can take a serious toll on our physical health, relationships and quality of life. However, it is possible to conquer stress and its overwhelming mental and physical affects. This seminar will teach you how to take mental and physical action to combat the many effects of stress, so that you can go from just existing in your daily life to really thriving and living the life you desire.


In this 3-hour, life-changing interactive seminar, you and/or your employees will learn exactly what stress is. Through two personalized stress assessments, you will identify the role stress is playing in your life and how to better handle it.


You are not powerless over stress! There are ways you can change the way you think about your life and the role you take in relation to stress.


You will understand the roots of stress! Understand exactly what stress is, how cortisol really affects your body, and your physical health.


You will learn the top 10 distorted thinking patterns. Plus, how to monitor your self-talk, and how to reframe your thoughts to give your circumstances a whole new meaning.


You will learn how you are really investing your time. You will discover exactly what your priorities are, as well as how to invest your time so you are living the life you desire.


You will learn many relaxation techniques! Learn to relax using very simple techniques such as stretching, deep breathing and muscle relaxation techniques that you can do right from your desk or at home.

You will leave this seminar enlightened about stress, how it is affecting you and with an individualized plan created by you to start you on your journey of living with less stress.


In addition, you will receive a folder of life-changing information.

Thanks for your inquiry! Can't wait to work with you!

- Sarah Stevens

Special Education Staff, Riverton School District



Shauna did a fabulous job at our SPED Inservice. She was very entertaining. She kept everyone involved in her presentation. It was relaxing and fun to be with our co-workers and laugh. Thanks for coming!


What people are saying about The Stress Less Seminar:



Your presentation was great! Very fun!


- Tobi Gresback

Riverton Alternative High School

- Nicole Schoening



Although my background is mental health, I often take my own health for granted. I appreciated being reminded of what stress does to us and have been having a nightly "cup of tea" while I mentally unwind and prepare for the next day. I also have been doing the stretching exercises at my desk and really trying to get my "deep breaths" in--I still am more addicted to shallow breathing..., but I'm a work in progress!!! Letting go of issues out of our control is the most important "stress-less" habit a person can acquire. Thank you for reminding us of these things!!




I found your presentation extremely inspirational and resourceful.

 - Attendee of National Spinabifida Assoc. Conference


Shauna's presentation style is informative and relaxed. I found the seminar very useful in working with youth and also in my own every day life. Stress can cause so many health related issues, and we all deal with stress everyday. I would recommend it to everyone.


- Jill M. Reddon,MSW School Social Worker, Riverton High School



Barb Murphy

Special Ed. CoordinatorWeston County Children's Center Newcastle, Wyoming

The "StressLess" workshop was well-organized, presented in an exciting, enjoyable manner, included excellent handouts and motivators, and meaningful strategies for those in attendance. I highly recommend Shauna as a personal health management speaker to any individual or agency wishing to learn stress management and self-motivation skills.




- Mike Kouris

Special Education Director in Riverton Wyoming

Shauna's seminar, on how to reduce stress in our demanding special education positions, is truly an outstanding event. She skillfully intertwines her own personal experiences in school and life to win over her audience. I guarantee you will come away from this seminar rejuvenated and ready to share your experience with your staff.



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