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And Into Freedom!​


How do you respond when life shakes you up? Each of us faces challenges in our lives; whether it be the loss of a loved one, a disability or illness or the loss of a job. Yet so many times rather than learning to master our challenges, we get lost “under” them.




Shauna has faced many adverse circumstances in her life - from living with Spinabifida (the most common permanently disabling birth defect), to losing her younger brother in 2008. In experiencing these circumstances, Shauna has learned several keys in helping her “master” her circumstances-rather than allowing them to master her.

In this moving keynote speech, Shauna shares insights from her real world experiences. Through her inspirational nature, Shauna will teach you the most vital keys to overcoming the adversity in your life.


You will leave inspired and understanding how your perception, self-talk and the meaning you attribute to your circumstances can shift you from the place of living as a victim of your circumstances to a place of victory and freedom.


This enlightening keynote will leave you feeling more hopeful about your life and knowing how to move forward in your life-even in the face of adverse circumstances.

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You can also purchase Shauna's book here!

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